Welcome to Nightwave Plaza!

Nightwave Plaza is a free 24/7 online vaporwave radio station. The broadcast also includes some future funk and experimental genres. We hope you enjoy.

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Nightwave Plaza Mobile

We have the official Android application. Please, download it and let Nightwave Plaza show you the past with the music of the future.

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Contact Information

Please send any enquiries you may have to [email protected].

Any updates or upcoming maintenance on Nightwave Plaza can be found on our official Twitter account: @NightwavePlaza.

Nightwave Plaza can also be found on YouTube, Facebook, VK, Last.fm and TuneIn.

Streaming Links

You are able to listen to Nightwave Plaza's broadcasts through your favorite music player instead of a browser! Use the following links:

m3u file for Winamp
pls file for foobar2k

http://radio.plaza.one/ogg (vorbis / 96kbps)
http://radio.plaza.one/ogg_64 (vorbis / 64kbps)
http://radio.plaza.one/opus (opus / 96kbps)
http://radio.plaza.one/opus_64 (opus / 64kbps)
http://radio.plaza.one/mp3 (mp3 / 128kbps)
http://radio.plaza.one/mp3 (mp3 / 96kbps)

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    All of these background images were found on the Internet. Do you know the author? Let us know!

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